Problems from Topology Proceedings Topology Atlas by Pearl E. (ed.)

By Pearl E. (ed.)

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Differential Topology: Proceedings of the Second Topology Symposium, held in Siegen, FRG, Jul. 27–Aug. 1, 1987

The most matters of the Siegen Topology Symposium are mirrored during this choice of sixteen study and expository papers. They focus on differential topology and, extra particularly, round linking phenomena in three, four and better dimensions, tangent fields, immersions and different vector package deal morphisms.

Homotopy Methods in Topological Fixed and Periodic Points Theory

The idea of a ? xed aspect performs an important position in several branches of mat- maticsand its purposes. Informationabout the life of such pointsis usually the the most important argument in fixing an issue. particularly, topological tools of ? xed element conception were an expanding concentration of curiosity during the last century.

Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Ninth Edition

Textbook offers a contemporary view of calculus more advantageous via expertise. Revised and up-to-date variation contains examples and discussions that motivate scholars to imagine visually and numerically. DLC: Calculus.

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Using the expansion homotopies A → Nt (A), we see that X is a Z-set in 2X . If we now take the direct limit, we obtain a space which is homeomorphic to separable Hilbert space equipped with the bounded-weak topology and has an induced G action on it. Identify this action directly in terms of 2 . I5. (J. West [380]) If, in the situation of Problem I4, we take the metric direct limit, we have a separable metric space with a G action on it. Characterize this space and/or its completion in terms of more familiar objects.

Once the above is done, characterize the induced G action. I6. (H. Hastings [176]) Is every (weak) shape equivalence of compact metric spaces a strong shape equivalence? 32 contributed problems I7. (M. Jani [199]) Is there a cell-like shape fibration p : E → B from a compactum E onto the dyadic solenoid B, which is not a shape equivalence? I8. T. Rogers [316]) Is any nondegenerate, homogeneous contractible continuum homeomorphic to the Hilbert cube? I9. (H. Gladdines [147]) Let L(R2 ) denote the collection of Peano continua in R2 .

A reduced abelian group. If G admits a pseudocompact group topology, must G admit also a zero-dimensional pseudocompact group topology? L38. (D. Dikranjan and D. Shakhmatov [94]) Let G be a non-torsion pseudocompact abelian group. Do there exist a cardinal σ and a subset of cardinality r(G) of {0, 1}σ whose projection on every countable subproduct is a surjection? L39. (D. Dikranjan and D. Shakhmatov [94]) Characterize (abelian) groups which admit a group topology which has one of the following properties: countably compact, σ-compact, or Lindel¨ of.

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Problems from Topology Proceedings Topology Atlas by Pearl E. (ed.)
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