Basic Gas Chromatography [Techs. in Anal. Chem.] by H. McNair, J. Miller

By H. McNair, J. Miller

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This will provide new ways for medical students to visualize, touch, enter, smell, and hear the human anatomy, physiological functions and medical procedures, as if they were either the physician or a microscopic blood cell travelling through the body. Similarly, impaired users, ordinary people, athletic coaches and a range of health-related professionals could train in these virtual environments. 5 Nanotoxicity: Possible Impact on Human Health While products based on nanotechnology are actually reaching the market, sufficient knowledge on the associated toxicological risks is still lacking.

34 V. Karagkiozaki et al. In addition, a new approach of using cell lines alternative to stem cell has appeared. Research related to the molecular biology and gene expression of stem cells has shown that some particular transcription factors are responsible for the stem cell pluripotency by activating some specific signaling cascades and suppressing others [37]. So when a stem cell is differentiated into a distinct cell type, the expression profile of the above factors is altered to a great extent.

Gao, “Quantum dots for molecular pathology: Their time has arrived”, J. Mol. Diagnostics 9(1), 7–11 (2007) 8. S. Svenson, “Dendrimers as versatile platform in drug delivery applications”, Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm. 71(3), 445–462 (2009) 9. B. Haley, E. Frenkel, “Nanoparticles for drug delivery in cancer treatment”, Urol. : Semin. Original Investig. 26(1), 57–64 (2008) 10. A. Shahverdi, A. Fakhimi, H. Shahverdi, S. : Nanotechnol. Biol. Med. 3(2) 168–171 (2007) 11. A. Silva, “Introduction to nanotechnology and its applications to medicine”, Surg.

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Basic Gas Chromatography [Techs. in Anal. Chem.] by H. McNair, J. Miller
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