Avoiding Ditches by Dr. Roy Hicks

By Dr. Roy Hicks

With over fifty years of ministry less than his belt, Roy Hicks provides believers a treasure of knowledge from the note of God. conversing in tongues of the satan, what the Bible has to assert in regards to the Trinity, why do christians undergo, & many different to aid fending off Ditches.

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The Holy Spirit only honors and exalts Jesus. If the ministry going forth does not honor and exalt Jesus, then the Holy Spirit will withdraw. When the Holy Spirit departs, many ministers meet their following's demand to produce the supernatural by moving in their own mind and flesh instead of seeking God. At this point, they open the door to familiar spirits. If the Holy Spirit withdraws from a person, a ministry, a church, or even a service, familiar spirits have a legal right to move in. If that happens, even the most dedicated believers may be deceived.

The gift of divers kinds of tongues 2. The gift of interpretation of tongues 3. The gift of prophecy 4. The gift of the word of wisdom 5. The gift of the word of knowledge Pastors who allow the gifts to be operated without any oversight will have many manifestations surfacing in their services that are not truly from the Holy Spirit. Such displays, usually by untaught Christians, will embarrass the Church. Visitors exposed to this sort of behavior will seldom return. The regrettable outcome of this is that, as a result of these unbridled actions, many pastors will stop all exercise of the gifts and thus hinder or stop altogether the moving of the Holy Spirit in their churches.

He makes going to church exciting. What he (or she) teaches seems at first to be biblical. It is acceptable, and best of all, it extricates them from what had become a wearisome, religious lifestyle without inspiration. In an eager and enthusiastic frame of mind, they will follow and not even notice as deception creeps in. Now they are on the dangerous path of moving from followers to hero worshippers. The absolute loyalty, rapt attention, and devotion of these followers causes the leader to feel he must continue with new and exciting revelations in order not to lose his position or his followers.

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Avoiding Ditches by Dr. Roy Hicks
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