Automatic Detection of a Watermarked Document Using a by Stern Tillich

By Stern Tillich

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Computer aids to biomathematicsjbiostatistics have probably resulted in more assistance to more biomedical researchers than any other computer application. The area also generates some sticky problems. Consider the many facets of the problern of accessing the "right" computer system for any given bioscience project. Individual investigators may or may not have the technical knowledge needed to access a particular system, and may or may not be able to find or to buy good consulting help. Many investigators have difficulty finding funds to pay for computer usage, and sometimes, though funds are available, investigators are unable to gain acceptance as a user on a particular facility.

5) Finally, models provide a potential means for discovery of qualitatively new phenomena. The fact that the nonpropagated membrane action potential in squid axons does not behave in an all-or-none fashion is a good exarnple of discovery by computer sirnulation (3). arge arnotmt of mmplex data. In this sense the,· rnav be a simple shorthand for what is alreadv known. lf the rnodel is particularly weil developed. then it rnav serve in licu uf cxperiments. Instead of making costly rneasurcrncnts, you need only calculate.

KIRKLI~. Automated patient care following cardiac surgery. Cardiac Surg. 3: 110, 1971. SHEPPARD, L. , J. W. KIRKLI" A~D N. T. KoccHOCKOS. Computer-contralied interventions for the acutely ill patient. Comput. Bzomed. Res. 4: 135, 1974. SHEPPARD, L. , N. T. KoucHocKos A"D J. W. KIR KLI~. The digital computer in surgical KoucHOUKos, SHEPPARD A"D 2. 3. 4. 5. intensive care automation. Computer 6: 29, 1973. 6. L. , N. T. KoucHocKos, M. A. A:\D J. W. KIRKLI:\. Automated treatment of critically ill patients following operation.

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Automatic Detection of a Watermarked Document Using a by Stern Tillich
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