Atomic Force Microscopy in Process Engineering. Introduction by W. Richard Bowen

By W. Richard Bowen

This is the 1st booklet to assemble either the fundamental idea and confirmed technique engineering perform of AFM. it really is provided in a manner that's obtainable and invaluable to training engineers in addition to to people who are bettering their AFM talents and data, and to researchers who're constructing new items and strategies utilizing AFM.

The publication takes a rigorous and sensible process that guarantees it really is at once acceptable to strategy engineering difficulties. basics and strategies are concisely defined, whereas particular merits for technique engineering are truly outlined and illustrated. Key content material contains: particle-particle, and particle-bubble interactions; characterization of membrane surfaces; the improvement of fouling resistant membranes; nanoscale pharmaceutical research; nanoengineering for mobile sensing; polymers on surfaces; micro and nanoscale rheometry.

  • Atomic strength microscopy (AFM) is a vital software for approach engineers and scientists because it permits more desirable methods and products
  • The purely e-book facing the idea and useful purposes of atomic strength microscopy in approach engineering
  • Provides best-practice information and adventure on utilizing AFM for method and product improvement

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1 SEM image of a colloid probe created by the attachment of a glass sphere to the apex of an AFM microcantilever using an epoxy resin. 5 m in diameter. where R1 and R2 are the radii of the two spheres and W(D) is the interaction energy per unit area as a function of distance [1, 2]. This relationship is referred to as the Derjaguin approximation. 2) Note that the forces of interaction are proportional to the radius or radii of the interacting spheres. For this reason, it is typical in colloidal probe measurements to normalise forces by dividing by the radius of curvature of the probe.

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