Atlas of the World's Deserts (Ecosystems) by Nathaniel Harris

By Nathaniel Harris

The Atlas of the World's Deserts examines the adversarial and severe environments that signify deserts, and is split into chapters that focus on particular facets of a desert's geology, lifestyles kinds, background, and future.For additional info together with pattern pages, stopover at the Atlas of the World's Deserts site. additionally comprises one hundred sixty colour maps and pictures.

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Other forms of classification, however, allow for the potential evaporation rate of water. If water can evaporate more than twice as quickly as it falls, then a region is classed as a desert. Even so, only the southwestern part of the Kalahari qualifies as desert. • The Kalahari lies on the interior plateau of southern Africa. The plain, which is a vast basin, is largely featureless, undulating, and covered in sand that is reddish in color. ) above sea level. • The Kalahari has extreme changes in temperature.

Straddling the tropic of Cancer, the Sahara is a classic example of the high-pressure desert, maintained by the warm, dry air belts found about 25 to 30° north and south of the equator (see pp. 16–18). The desert’s dryness also increases toward the interior, as the continental effect (see pp. 20–21) takes hold, Although the Sahara is often thought of as having a single, homogeneous terrain, it is in fact extremely varied, with only a quarter of the Sahara made up of the “classic” desert covering of sand dunes and seas known as erg.

DESERT GLASS Libyan desert glass, found in the Great Sand Sea, is a natural glass composed of nearly pure silica. Some scientists suggest that the glass results from a meteorite impact on a silica-rich target. Namib Desert 1. SKELETON COAST This desolate region along the Namibian coast north of Swakopmund reputedly gets its name from the remains of the shipwrecked sailors who made landfall here only to die in the wastes of the Namib national park, which can be visited only as part organized group, 2.

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Atlas of the World's Deserts (Ecosystems) by Nathaniel Harris
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