Atlas of the World War II by Richard Natkiel

By Richard Natkiel

С днем Победы !

Атлас второй мировой войны. Много фотографий, карты основных сражений.
Краткое описание хода военных действий.

The conflict in Northern Waters
The barren region warfare and the Mediterranean
Soviet goals Betrayed
The process international clash: 1939-45
The jap Juggernaut
The Italian crusade
Ebb Tide within the Pacific
Retaking Burma: The Forgotten struggle
Russia reveals Its power
Fortress Europe Overthrown

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Many ships sailed independently, and others were convoyed only partway on their voyages. In June 1940 the U-boat threat became more pressing. The fall of France entailed the loss of support from the French Fleet even as British naval responsibility increased with Italian participation in the war. Germany's position was strengthened by the acquisition of bases in western France and Norway for their long-range reconnaissance support planes 35 Previous pages: A surfaced German Uboat immediately prior to its sinking by US Navy bombers southwest of Ascension Island, November 1943.

Below right: Rommel directs operations. ' His leadership abilities were acknowledged by comrades and enemies alike. Rommel soon saw that British forces in Africa were weak, and that no reinforcements would be forthcoming. On 24 March German forces took El Agheila easily, and the 5 Light Division went on to attack the British 2 Armored Division at Mersa Brega. There they encountered stiff resistance, but the British failed to counterattack and lost their advantage. Instead of choosing among three alternative courses of attack, Rommel moved boldly on all three fronts: north to Benghazi, northeast to Msus and Mechili and east to Tengeder, to threaten British supply lines.

Meanwhile, Axis forces had consolidated behind the Mareth Line after inflicting 10,000 casualties on Allied troops from the Torch landings at the Battle of Kasserine. Rommel now faced Montgomery's Eighth Army in his last battle in Africa - a bitter fight that raged from 6 to 27 March. Axis forces were outflanked, and by mid-April had retreated up the coast to form a tight perimeter on the hills around Bizerta and Tunis. Rommel urged evacuation of German and Italian forces from Africa when he returned to Germany, but his counsel was ignored.

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Atlas of the World War II by Richard Natkiel
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