Atlas of Asian-American History by Monique Avakian

By Monique Avakian

Utilizing a large association of visible instruments, this atlas deals a close assessment of the reviews and significant occasions surrounding americans of Asian descent. lengthy overlooked regularly stories, Asian-American heritage assets were scarce. that includes designated maps and authoritative textual content, this publication tells the tale of now not one workforce of individuals yet many. images, line graphs, charts, chronologies, field positive aspects, and maps support discover the cultural, old, political, and social heritage of Asian americans. insurance additionally profiles key occasions and concerns of their homelands, particularly these elements that inspired their flow to the us.

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Peasants joined the uprising in protest against the severe hardships of their lives. British troops suppressed the rebellion, and in 1858 the British Parliament took governing control of India from the British East India Company. After 1858, the British government established full colonial rule in India. A cabinet minister in London was made responsible for Indian affairs, while a British viceroy in India carried out government policy. British governors ruled about two-thirds of India, including the parts that the East India Company had controlled directly.

The association welcomed new arrivals and helped them negotiate the new language and find housing and work. The original organization gradually grew into a network of six district associations, which collectively became known as the Chinese Six Companies. Each district association, patterned after its root district back in Guangdong province, umbrellaed over a number of family groups or clan associations. This link to the Chinese homeland kept the same strong relationships alive in the United States.

I ate wind and tasted waves for more than twenty days,” a Chinese traveler said of the journey in a poem carved upon the walls of San Francisco’s Angel Island immigration station. Hard and lumpy rice, tiny pieces of dried tofu, and watery soup often composed the daily gruel. Nausea caused by the constant rocking of the ship to and fro exacerbated stomach discomfort. Hundreds of people crammed together tightly with no way to bathe or clean up vomit caused by seasickness added to an inevitable and horrible odor.

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Atlas of Asian-American History by Monique Avakian
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