Apartment in Athens by Glenway Wescott

By Glenway Wescott

A bestseller in 1945, this ebook has been out of print for over thirty years

Like Wescott’s impressive novella The Pilgrim Hawk (which Susan Sontag defined in The New Yorker as belonging “among the treasures of 20th-century American literature”), Apartment in Athens matters an strange triangular dating. during this tale a couple of Greek couple in Nazi-occupied Athens who needs to percentage their residing quarters with a German officer, Wescott levels an extreme and unsettling drama of lodging and rejection, resistance and compulsion—an account of political oppression and religious fight that also is a parable approximately the prices of closeted identification.

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For Aquinas, the ability to apprehend comes by means of “a sharing by likeness in the nature of him who is the primordial intelligence” (Aquinas, Summa 3:9), that is, God. Such ideas of likeness, resemblance, and similarity run throughout Aquinian thought as the means by which we perceive. As he writes in Question 12, Article 9 of the Summa: It seems that what is seen in God is seen through a likeness. For knowledge comes about through the assimilation of the knower to the known; the mind in its realization becomes the realized intelligibility of the thing to be known, and the sight in its realization becomes the realized visibility of the thing to be seen: this happens because the knowing power is formed by a likeness of the thing known, as the pupil of the eye is formed by the likeness of colour.

The major epiphanies of To the Lighthouse occur in Part II: night revelations of a material world that are seen without eyes and without a singular subjective consciousness. This eyeless vision shatters subjective reflection by rendering both the physical eye and the perceiving “I” superfluous and void. In response to this annihilation, Lily Briscoe creates a nonspecular form of epiphany in her brushstroke that collapses subject, object, and reflection into the painted line. In the aftermath, Woolf also presents literary allusion as a companion epiphany.

His Paris venture came to an end when his father telegrammed the news that his mother was dying. In April, 1903, Joyce returned, temporarily, to Ireland. Joyce, reading in Paris what he could have read in Dublin, appropriately produced a Paris notebook that recorded nothing of Paris. ” The idea of “apprehension” governed his reading of Aristotle and Aquinas and became the central feature of an aesthetic theory that he later placed into Stephen Hero (1904–1906), a 914-page manuscript that he tossed into a fire to scrap, keeping a 383-page fragment that chronicles the development of the theory and ends with the definition of epiphany.

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Apartment in Athens by Glenway Wescott
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