Anthony Wayne: American General (Revolutionary War Leaders) by Patricia Grabowski

By Patricia Grabowski

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They moved ahead anyway. A British guard caught sight of them and fired. Murfree’s men heard the shots and charged the fort. As the British fired, 17 Americans were shot. Anthony The War Turns was hit in the head by a musket ball, but it didn’t stop him. ” It was a fierce battle. At last, the British threw down their weapons and surrendered. Sixtythree British had been killed, and 543 were taken prisoner. Only 15 Americans were killed and 83 were wounded. Anthony’s scalp wound healed quickly. The capture of Stony Point was a high point in Anthony’s career.

He built forts that stretched from Ebenezer southwest to the Ogeechee River. He planned to trap the British in Savannah and cut them off from their allies to the west. The Creek Indians of Georgia were allies of the British. In February, Anthony heard that a large number of Creek chiefs were on their way to Savannah. Anthony’s soldiers dressed in British uniforms and went to meet the chiefs. The fake British soldiers brought them to the American camp. Anthony spoke to them and asked them not to help the British.

Washington ordered Anthony to charge across the creek and attack the British. Anthony had nearly defeated Knyphausen when he received a message. The message gave him wrong information about the position of the British army. There was some brief confusion, causing a pause in the action. The delay cost the Americans their chance for victory. In the meantime, Cornwallis attacked the right side of the American army with 7,000 men. Knyphausen strengthened his attack at Chadd’s Ford. Anthony held his position for more than three hours.

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Anthony Wayne: American General (Revolutionary War Leaders) by Patricia Grabowski
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