Antarctica Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector

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Published via the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic study Series.

The association and creation of Antarctic Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector have been prompted with a number of concerns in brain. it's seen that the price of any clinical contribution treating a selected geographical sector is vastly more advantageous whilst the person paintings is compiled and provided with different contributions that ponder the clinical difficulties of an identical sector from varied ways. there isn't any doubt that the aptitude worth of a collective quantity a long way exceeds that of any one contributions. hence this geographical strategy, which has been effectively utilized in many books, has additionally been utilized in this quantity of the Antarctic learn sequence. furthermore, the contributions during this quantity have benefited from one vital and primarily various start line, the learn software of the USNS Eltanin. a wide part of marine geologic, marine geophysical, and oceanographic facts for this quarter of the sea south of Australia and New Zealand has been accrued concurrently aboard the Eltanin, the antarctic learn vessel of the nationwide technological know-how origin. many of the Eltanin cruises spanning the interval of the final 2-3 years were dedicated to reconnaissance surveying of this region. The surveys were multidisciplinary by means of layout, and the send tracks were systematically laid out as a part of an over-all plan to survey the total circumpolar ocean surrounding the antarctic continent


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X•x.. 6--12-5 m s-1 27 lOO 46 7 150 50 xxx. 5 m S-1 X•x • z2 X 180 210 240 270 300 4 330 360 x 030 240 2zo 3s0 030 060 oso •INDDIRECTION (deCrees) Fig. 16. Sensibleand latent heat fluxes as a function of wind azimuth in three wind speed groupings averaged from the 6-hourly Eltanin data between 50ø and 60øS irrespective of season. Sensible heat flux H is marked by X's, and latent heat flux LE is marked by darkened circles. o •X• 2• 0 060 WINDDIRECTION (degrees) Fig. 15. Sensibleand latent heat fluxesas a function of wind azimuth in three wind speed groupingsaveraged from the 6hourly Eltanin data between 40ø and 50øS irrespective of season.

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L. Bradbury, and K. Pedersen, The Norwegian cyclone models in relation to heat and cold sources, Geophys. Publ. Geophysica Norwegica, 24(9), 243-250, 1962. Phillpot, H. , A study of the synoptic climatology of the Antarctic, Tech. Rep. , Int. Antarctic Meteorol. Res. Centre, Commonwealth Bur. , Melbourne, 1968. Priestley, C. H. , A survey of the stressbetween the ocean and atmosphere,•dust. J. Sci. , Ser. •d, 4, 315-328, 1951. Privett, D. , The exchange of energy between the atmosphere and the oceansof the SouthernHemisphere,Geophys.

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Antarctica Oceanology II: The Australian-New Zealand Sector
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