An Islamic perspective on legislation for women by Dr Magdah Amer

By Dr Magdah Amer

This sequence, "An Islamic point of view at the laws for Women", is a choice for either Muslims and non-Muslims to find the beneficial jewels of Islamic laws towards
women. The sequence discusses a few concerns and clears up misconceptions which are of significant gain to the Muslim ladies lifestyles relating to rights and tasks, engagement, marriage,
polygamy, divorce, veil, and so forth. it is real that a few of these matters were tackled prior to by way of many authors, yet what makes this sequence precise is that the writer, as a girl, should be larger knowing and skilled concerning women's matters and delicate matters

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The Glorious Qur'an states, As to those women on whose part you fear disloyalty and ill-conduct, (1) admonish them, (2) refuse to share their beds, (3) beat them (lightly), but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means of annoyance.  (An-Nisa’: 34) According to the previous verse, the husband is not allowed by any means to continue annoying his wife whether her corruption has been disciplined or not. 52 An Islamic Perspective on Legislation for Women `Amr ibn al-Ahwas narrated that the Prophet (pbuh) said, “And enjoin on one another goodness towards women; verily they are married to you: you have no power over them at all unless they commit a flagrantly filthy action; but if they are devoted to you, then seek no way against them.

A Muslim woman has the right to pursue her education after getting married. She has the right to stipulate it as a condition in her marriage contract. When the Prophet (pbuh) had married Lady Hafsah, daughter of `Umar ibn al-Khattab, who had just begun to study the principles of reading and writing, he (pbuh) asked ash-Shifa’ to teach her handwriting and reading. Moreover, Lady `A’ishah was far more learned than many of the Prophet’s Companions who recommended that she should be consulted on religious matters, for she was well versed in all branches of religion, in addition to her knowledge of literature and the principles of the lineage of the Arab tribes, which was an established science in that era.

E. be similar to houses of her equals. 7. She should not be forced to live with his family against her will. II. Food and beverage specifications 1. It should be sufficient. 2. It should vary along days. It is not proper that the same type of food be continuously provided, even if in large quantities. III. Clothes specifications 1. There should be clothes for the summer and different clothes for the winter. 2. There should be different clothes for sleeping, indoors, and outdoors (provided they comply with Islamic requirements and are similar in quality to those worn by the wife’s equals).

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An Islamic perspective on legislation for women by Dr Magdah Amer
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