America: A Narrative History (Seventh Edition) (Vol. 1) by George Brown Tindall

By George Brown Tindall

Utilized by over a million scholars, the US: A Narrative background is likely one of the so much profitable American background textbooks ever published.Maintaining the positive factors that experience consistently unique this vintage text—lively and available narrative variety, a prepared stability of political with social and cultural historical past, and unprecedented value—the 7th variation introduces a totally redesigned, full-color format complemented via crowd pleasing maps and stronger pedagogy. The 7th version additionally introduces the hot subject matter of environmental historical past. conscientiously built-in all through, this topic provides illuminating views on how american citizens have shaped—and been formed by—the wildlife.

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Qxd 09/27/2006 12:02 PM Page 13 PMAC-131 27A:GRBQ096:Chapter:Chapter-01: Techbooks The Expansion of Europe • 13 that can be verified, and even they have dissolved into legend. D. 985 an Icelander named Erik the Red—the New World’s first real-estate booster—colonized the west coast of a rocky, fogbound island he deceptively called Greenland, and about a year later a trader missed Greenland and sighted land beyond. D. 1001 and sighted the coasts of Helluland (Baffin Island), Markland (Labrador), and Vinland (Newfoundland), where he settled for the winter.

He returned in 1542 without gold but with a more realistic view of what lay in those arid lands. The Spanish established provinces in North America not so much as commercial enterprises but as defensive buffers protecting their more lucrative trading empire in Mexico and South America. They were concerned about French traders infiltrating from Louisiana, English settlers crossing into Florida, and Russian seal hunters wandering down the California coast. Yet the Spanish settlements in what is today the United States never flourished.

Indians used virtually every part of the bison they killed: meat for food; hides for clothing, shoes, bedding, and shelter; muscles and tendons for thread and bowstrings; intestines for containers; bones for tools; horns for eating utensils; hair for headdresses; and dung for fuel. ” The Plains Indians supplemented bison meat with roots and berries they gathered along the way. In the fall the nomadic tribes would travel Plains Indians The horse-stealing raid depicted in this hide painting demonstrates the essential role horses played in Plains life.

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America: A Narrative History (Seventh Edition) (Vol. 1) by George Brown Tindall
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