Alternative Formulations And Packaging To Reduce Use Of by T.P. Nelson

By T.P. Nelson

This booklet describes replacement formulations and packaging options for the aid or removal of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) use as an aerosol propellant. Use of CFCs in particular different types of aerosols thought of ''nonessential'' used to be banned by way of the U.S. in 1978. contemporary renewed curiosity in extra decreasing all over the world creation and intake of CFCs, and different chemical compounds implicated within the depletion of the earth's stratospheric ozone layer, is liable for this research, which covers presently exempted and excluded CFC aerosol functions and their possible choices.

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This approach has t h e following problems: CFC-11 is a c o n e r o l l e d s t r a t o s p h e r i c ozone deplecion a g e n t . ) tho t u w e . (Tvo N Us. a blood of HCFC-123 and HCFC-14lb that is shown t o be m d l . r u b l e and coauins tho highost p r a c t i c a l l e v e l of s l i g h t l y f l d l o HCFC-141b t o minimizo pulmonary exposures t o HCFC-123 (Fornula XXVI). Us. 1001 s l i g h t l y f l d l e HCFC-141b as tho slurrying agent. takin5 nmcorsaq precautions t o minimize tho p o s s i b i l i c y of fir.

And (in g e n e r a l ) are f i l l e d and marketed by firnu ocher than those in t h e a e r o s o l 27 28 Alternative Formulations and Packaging to Reduce Use of CFCs 3. S. CFC "T OF 1986 (CFC-11. -12. nu 60 290 n i m hanu 28 200 Cleaning AgeQtS 20 145 OTnEaS 12 85 Liquid Freon Freerant Aorosols Etchntr Scarilanu POUNDS 100 720 a. Liquid Freon Freeranc (LFF) is 100% CFC-12. b. Etchrncr a r e perfluoro- o r highly f l u o r i n a t e d CFCs, mainly CFC-llL, but including CFC-113, CFC-Ll5, and FC-116.

Secaucus. SJ) about 1972. The actuator consisted of a 2 and 11/16 inch plastic hemisphere with the exit hole at the apex. The u n i t was upended over the drain hole of a clogged sink and pressed donnrrrd. opening a valve to allow CFC-12 gas inco the drain pipe. which normally acted to blow the clog out of the gooseneck. Problems were encountered when drain liquids were blown out of the other drain in double sink installations. Many bathroom sinks had side orifices to prevent overflow, and these sometinas acted as pressure outlets as well.

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Alternative Formulations And Packaging To Reduce Use Of by T.P. Nelson
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