Aircraft Performance (Cambridge Aerospace Series 5) by W. Austyn Mair, David L. Birdsall

By W. Austyn Mair, David L. Birdsall

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82 which would be required for this wing loading of 5000 N/m 2 . Thus the ceiling of an aircraft may be limited by the low air density at high altitudes and cannot be increased indefinitely by increasing the available thrust; the height that is attainable is limited by the adverse effects of high Mach numbers on C D and CLmax. 11 which can fly at very high altitudes at high supersonic speeds. Since the rate of climb tends to zero as the absolute ceiling is approached a more useful indication of the practicable upper limit is the maximum height at which a specified rate of climb can be maintained in steady flight.

22) shows that this is proportional to f}mWVe*/ol/2. Thus the minimum thrust power increases with height. 2.

Curves are the same. The conditions Vc > Vec and Vc < Vec define two distinct flight regimes, the first having speed stability and the second speed instability. It will now be shown how these two regimes differ in a return to steady equilibrium flight after a speed disturbance. A full analysis of speed stability or instability is beyond the scope of this book and reference may be made to Etkin (1972) and Neumark (1957) for further study, but the importance of the critical speed Vec can be illustrated by considering one special case for which the analysis is quite simple.

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Aircraft Performance (Cambridge Aerospace Series 5) by W. Austyn Mair, David L. Birdsall
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