Advanced Ajax: Architectureand Best Practices by Shawn M. Lauriat

By Shawn M. Lauriat

Mission-Critical Ajax: Maximizing Scalability, functionality, safety, Reliability, and MaintainabilityAdvanced Ajax: structure and top Practices is the definitive consultant to construction business-critical, production-quality internet purposes with Ajax. Shawn M. Lauriat systematically addresses the layout, structure, and improvement concerns linked to Ajax, providing confirmed styles and powerful code examples to be had in no different e-book. you will find most sensible practices for addressing the total spectrum of concerns company Ajax builders face: scalability, functionality, defense, reliability, flexibility, maintainability, and reusability. Writing for skilled net builders, Lauriat gives you clean rules and stylish strategies: meaty technical content material, provided with remarkable readability. one of the subject matters he covers in extraordinary intensity: cleanly enforcing JavaScript customized occasions to minimize coupling and to augment flexibility; overcoming Ajax's conventional accessibility boundaries; lowering community latency via compression and different strategies; and masses more.COVERAGE comprises• making plans Ajax interfaces for simplicity, readability, and intuitiveness• growing scalable, maintainable architectures for client-side JavaScript• utilizing the most recent instruments to profile, validate, and debug client-side code• Architecting the server part for protection and performance, whereas limiting loaded facts, gadgets, and activities to present requests• retaining opposed to the main common and critical Ajax safeguard hazards• Optimizing each section of an Ajax software, from server-sidescripts to database interactions• Introducing state-of-the-art Ajax: video game improvement, Ajax with SVG, and Ajax for cellular units"

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Opera, by contrast, supports the WHATWG specification defining Server-Sent Events (www. org/specs/web-apps/current-work/#server-sent-events). statechange XMLHttpRequest Indicators and Other Forms of User Feedback 17 The more that interface designers know about the user base of an application, the better the impact on the users. This statement may sound obvious, but designs often ignore the current or potential user base. Communication channels between the users, designers, and developers can do wonders for keeping up with and building on user expectations.

An increasing amount of users take advantage of tools such as the NoScript (www. net) Firefox extension to white-list sites the browser will allow to run JavaScript. This greatly increases the likelihood of users seeing how your Ajax-driven web application behaves without any scripting at all, let alone the XMLHttpRequest object. 38 Chapter 1 Usability JavaScript may also die on a page if the user happens to stumble across a bug resulting in a JavaScript error or exception, which should not keep the page from working via traditional page loads.

The only new aspect of making a web application accessible comes into play when updating the DOM to inform the user of the new content; this practice essentially consists of the DOM-manipulation equivalent of alternative text for images. Before getting into how to add screen reader support in dynamic web applications, a solid understanding of the current standards and guidelines must come first. If users cannot navigate their way to the Ajax-driven functionality, then they will have no use for the application in the first place.

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Advanced Ajax: Architectureand Best Practices by Shawn M. Lauriat
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