Abraham Lincoln: Civil War President (Famous Figures of the by John F. Grabowski

By John F. Grabowski

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M. on April 12, 1861. The Civil War had begun. It would be the bloodiest war in the history of the nation. Union Major Robert Anderson surrendered the fort to General Pierre Beauregard of the Confederate army a week later. The next day, Abe called for 75,000 volunteers to put The War Between the North and the South 45 The Confederate army used 4,000 shells in the first 36 hours of its attack on Fort Sumter, South Carolina (shown here). After this first battle of the Civil War, both the North and the South gathered their armies, but both sides believed the war would be over quickly.

Abusing his powers. Early in 1862, the Union began having some success in the West. General Ulysses S. 50 ABRAHAM LINCOLN Grant led the troops to several victories. In doing so, he became a national hero. G—stood for “Unconditional Surrender” Grant. At Shiloh, in southwestern Tennessee, Grant’s forces were attacked by Confederate troops led by General Albert Sidney Johnston. About 77,000 soldiers took part in the battle. Most of them were inexperienced recruits. Many did not even know how to handle their rifles.

The Emancipation Proclamation aroused different emotions in different people. Many Northerners were glad that the slaves had been freed. Others were upset. They had wanted the Union to be saved, but did not want blacks to have the same rights as they did. They did not want blacks in the Union army. They did not like the idea of blacks being 57 58 ABRAHAM LINCOLN allowed to carry guns. Still others just wanted the war over and the troops home. They did not care if slavery was outlawed. Riots broke out in cities where people were against the draft.

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Abraham Lincoln: Civil War President (Famous Figures of the by John F. Grabowski
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