A Survey of Palestine by John Valentine Wistar Shaw

By John Valentine Wistar Shaw

The cloth assembled during this ebook is a survey of Palestine and used to be ready among the center of December, 1945, and the tip of January, 1946. the item of the survey was once to ascertain the stipulations in Palestine with designated realization to matters touching on absorptive potential.

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While Imperial forces, Army and Boyal Air Force or both, have been maintained in Palestine at varying strengths, since the occupation, the primary responsibilityin the maintenance of public security has rested with the civil administration. Although in 1938 the operational control of the Police Force was vested in the General Officer Commanding the British Forces in Palestine and Trans-Jordan and is stillso vested, the armed forces of the Crown are used in support of the civilpower; in other words, in emergency they supplement but do not replace the normal forces of law and order, the police.

13. The growth of the Police Force reflected in table 1 continued up to the outbreak of war, when the Arab rebellion was brought to a close and also the Jewish terrorist activities which had broken out in the summer of 1939. Thereafter, new requirements both arising out of the war and in respect of the enforcement of law and order influenced the development of the Force. Since there is a substantial degree of correlation between war needs and the maintenance of internal security, it is not in the main practicable to distinguish as between these main causes underlying war-time development.

72. The following table summarizes the results detailedabove SUMMARY OF ALLOCATION Revenue item Income tax Land registry fees OP R E V E N U E , 1944/45. n9 Customs duties: — (1) Motor traffic (incl. surcharges and licences amounting to £P. 353,000) 1,175 438 1,613 (2) Sugar 55 99 154 (3) Coffee 7 7 14 394 350 744 13 31 44 924 435 1,359 (4) Tobacco (5) Cotton piece goods (6) Other customs duties 577 :— CHAPTER XIV. 3) (100) 3,671 2,420 Revenue item Excise duties : — (1) Matches (2) Tobacco (3) Intoxicants (4) Salt (5) Cement Companies registration fees Stamp duties Posts and telegraphs Total revenue Benefits 1944/45.

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A Survey of Palestine by John Valentine Wistar Shaw
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