A Mentoring Course on Smalltalk by Andrés Valloud

By Andrés Valloud

A developer continuously seeks larger knowing of software program engineering and layout. occasionally good fortune intervenes and a mentor is helping to increase one's skills. even if, there are just such a lot of of those infrequent encounters, and therefore, no longer everyone seems to be afforded such possibilities. This e-book makes an attempt to take away success as a restricting issue for one's specialist development in Smalltalk via disseminating fabric realized over a number of years of mentoring.

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11 [15] Regarding the use of an implicit self in statements, Alan Kay commented that since under these assumptions one would have (self self) == self then one can use or omit self as appropriate. What could be the motivation for the expression above? 1 More difficult exercises This section has exercises which I have collected over time from a variety of sources. These exercises require a higher than average understanding of Smalltalk to be solved, and are excellent material for thought. Study them carefully — you may be asked to solve similar problems in job interviews!

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A Mentoring Course on Smalltalk by Andrés Valloud
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