A Half-Century of Greatness: The Creative Imagination of by Frederic Ewen

By Frederic Ewen

Selection notable educational identify for 2008A Half-Century of Greatness paints a shiny and dramatic photo of the artistic considered mid- to past due 19th century Europe and the effect of the unsuccessful revolutions of 1848. It unearths usually unforeseen hyperlinks among novelists, poets, and philosophers from England, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Russia, and Ukraine—especially Dickens, Carlyle, Mill, the Brontës, and George Eliot; Hegel, Strauss, Feuerbach, Marx, Engels, Wagner, and a number of other German poets; the Hungarian poet Sándor Petöfi; Gogol, Dostoevsky, Bakunin, and Herzen in Russia, and the good Ukrainian poet Shevchenko. Ewen is going directly to hint the transition from Romanticism to Victorianism, or what he calls “the Victorian compromise”—the ascendancy of the center class.The publication was once reconstructed and edited through Dr. Jeffrey Wollock from Ewen’s ultimate manuscript. It comprises the author's personal reference citations all through, a reconstructed bibliography, and an up-to-date “further analyzing” list.This is Ewen’s final paintings, the long-lost spouse to his Heroic mind's eye. jointly, those books current a landscape of the social, political, and creative features of eu Romanticism, in particular foreshadowing and complementing contemporary paintings at the relation of Marxism to romanticism. an individual drawn to what Lukacs known as “Romantic anticapitalism,”; who appreciates such books as Marshall Berman's Adventures in Marxism or E.P. Thompson's The Romantics (1997), will locate Ewen’s paintings a welcome boost.

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He had been describing an association to receive petitions and give responses. A number of applications for advice were daily made and answered. But many people wrote in particular for recipes for happiness. All that was laid on the shelf and not answered at all. ” I said, “is it not the recipe of happiness that I have been seeking all my life? ”5 No! Happiness was not the answer to his own and the world’s distresses. ” For Carlyle, Goethe fulfilled such functions. The first part of Faust had already become a portion of the intellectual life of the Romantic world—appropriated, as we well know, by poets, musicians, and painters.

Black as ravens; plashing about among dripping caverns ... In the ironmills it was little better; blast-furnaces were roaring like the voice of many whirlwinds all around; the fiery metal was hissing thro’ its moulds, or sparkling and spurting under hammers of a monstrous size, which felt like so many earthquakes ... It is in a spot like this that one sees the sources of British power. 4 It was in the hours of his great despair that Germany and the German writers came to his rescue and opened a new world for him.

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A Half-Century of Greatness: The Creative Imagination of by Frederic Ewen
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