A critique of C++ by Joyner I.

By Joyner I.

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The critique began with certain questions, and as no work can be absolute (particularly a programming language), it will end with more questions that it is hoped will create more debate, and more questioning into what we are really trying to achieve with program development. Does C++ provide effective communication between programmers separated in both space and time? Does C++ provide communication between the levels of analysis, design, implementation and maintenance? Are the compromises made by C and C++ still relevant to today’s environments, and the environments of the not very near future?

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Efficiency is of prime importance. Thus the use of C would be limited and well controlled, rather like small assembler routines are currently used in some systems for the same purpose. Indeed the move to C++ should only be considered in the case of upgrading a body of C programs for backwards compatibility. In the case of new projects alternatives to C and C++ should seriously be considered. Programming is the orchestration of change within a large state space. Object-oriented techniques provide a method of simple division and management of such state spaces.

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A critique of C++ by Joyner I.
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