360 SYSTEMS Short Cut 2000 Personal Audio Editor

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Select item 6 BLEEP LEVEL and press ENTER or Press the 6 KEY. Select the desired value using the ARROW KEYS or THE SCRUB WHEEL. Press ENTER to confirm the choice. Press STOP to return to the Files Display or the Editor. The Bleep Level is not recorded in files, it is a setting that is used when the Bleep is produced. Therefore the level of all existing occurrences of Bleep in files in the current Directory will change to the new setting. To Bleep a File in the Play or Record Mode • Hold down the BLEEP key for the desired duration.

To change the values, press the number corresponding to the line number. For instance, pressing 2 selects the ADJUST BY value. Shortcut 2000 Editor Owner’s Manual Page 34 Editing ADJUST LEVEL 1. 0 DB 2. 4 ADJUST BY: 3. 00 SEC 4. 00 SEC SET OR ADJUST VALUE THEN PRESS ‘ENTER’ Use the SCRUB WHEEL or the ARROW KEYS to adjust the value, or set it directly by entering it with the numeric keys. The Space Bar changes the sign of the Adjust By value. When you are finished, press ENTER, then either press one of the numeric keys 2,3 or 4 to select another value to adjust, or press 1 to execute the Adjust Level operation.

Press EDIT IN, then EDIT OUT to set an insertion point for the new segment. • Hold down INSERT and press the desired audio HOT KEY. The selected segment is inserted into the File, and the File length is extended by the same amount. If a region of audio was first highlighted within the File, inserting an audio segment will replace the audio within the highlighted region. If the inserted audio is of different length than the segment replaced, the playing time of the File will also change. Playing Audio From A Hot Key Hot Keys can be played while in the Files menu, or in the Editor.

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360 SYSTEMS Short Cut 2000 Personal Audio Editor
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