2012 Federal Employees Almanac by FederalDAILY

By FederalDAILY

The main depended on federal worker reference on the grounds that 1953!

Completely revised with the newest 2012 principles, laws and approaches! comprises finished chapters on:

* Federal pay platforms: federal pay tables and schedules, time beyond regulation, top rate and severance pay
* coverage: FEHB, existence coverage, FLTCIP and medical
* Federal retirement structures: CSRS, FERS, incapacity and Social Security
* Federal worker advantages: paid break day, go away, employees’ reimbursement and Medicare
* Thrift discounts Plan: plan systems, funding strategies and taking loans out of your TSP
* Federal employment and hiring approaches, together with downsizing policies
* Taxation of federal funds and merits, together with IRS provisions and country annuity taxes
* Lists of contacts for unions, OPM, advantages administration and more!

The 2012 Federal staff Almanac is a must have reference on your federal employment, federal advantages eligibility, and retirement planning.

Unlike different "handbooks" which are published a long way too early to be exact and up to date, the Almanac isn't despatched to press till federal worker coverage adjustments affecting your occupation for the following 12 months were issued via the government. The Almanac is the whole reference for your whole federal employment questions!

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402. Evacuation payments may be made to dependents 16 years of age or older, or to designated representatives, only with prior written authorization from the employee. When an employee has been ordered to evacuate, agency heads may make advance payments of pay, allowances, and differentials to cover up to 30 calendar days, provided the agency head or designated official determines the payment is required to defray immediate expenses incidental to the evacuation. The initial evacuation payment may cover up to 60 days of pay, allowances, and differentials, including the period covered by the advance payment.

5307. Cash Surrogates—Cash surrogates are an option for cash awards, subject to the limitations and requirements that apply to cash awards. Examples of cash surrogates are “award vouchers” created by the agency itself that can be exchanged for currency through its imprest fund and “gift cheques” that are purchased through a vendor and that are easily and widely redeemable for cash, not merchandise. S. Treasury check they might otherwise receive as a cash award, including the option of saving the money or turning it over to any third party (for example, a charity or other individual).

111-84 of 2009 ordered replacing over 2010-2012 these non-foreign COLAs with locality pay under the same system applying to employees in the contiguous 48 states, with a guarantee that employees would not lose ground financially. The COLAs are being phased out on a schedule intended to preserve the take-home salaries of those employees as their nontaxable COLA is replaced with taxable locality pay. For every dollar an employee receives in locality pay, 65 cents of his or her non-foreign COLA pay will be removed.

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2012 Federal Employees Almanac by FederalDAILY
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