1001 celestial wonders as observed with home-built by Charles Edward Barns

By Charles Edward Barns

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Per. 7 d. E 125056 Mag. 68. Spc. Ao. Par. 058. Oist 561 y. Sp. bin. Per. 15 yrs. R. v. 3. 22'/4. C • 9 PM .. MAY 15 Etc.. ITS IN MAS1ER HANDS. Do not despise small instruments; for in the hands of tht _ster they may become mighty engines of research and pro· cress. Argelander mapped his immortal Durchmusterung 01 over three hundred thousand stars with a two and one·hall Inch telescope! The great Huygens used a refractor that gave a -magnification of only 1001 Pickering photographed Orion witt a two and one·half inch portrait lens; and Barnard's remark· able photographs of that nebulae were achieved with an even maller lens from a cheap projecting lantern.

Sep. 8. 7. 7. Vivid stellar horseshoe. 9. Sep. 4. rz 40 091634 Mag. 3. Low-mag. attendants. R Leo Min. 094134 Val'. 7: 128. Per. 8,d. 8. Per. 2d. 1. Per. 313 d. A fiery, pul- -1 -s o~ Alluring adventure field. I§J 093717 Dark nebulous region. ~ it-R 094124 Mag. 1. HI 56 092721 Neb. Elongated, faint, with double nuclei. sating ~acon! One of the finest of its most mysterious class, d~rytngof special investigation. Webb. a en, and is continuing to take, an important part in the SOlutIon. of the variable star problem.

Ko. Par. O. "095. " A'tken Each component six times more brilliant than our S~n ~ould at a like distance- vastly larger tho ,inconceivably less dense. Rad. , 7. -sec. 86. A'den. Dist. 38 It. yrs. Beautiful orange-blue pair for small glass. 5. Sep. 8. ,·pCastor. -'3 z- 20 072932 Vis. 8. Sep 5" Per. 8 y. Each a Spec. Bin. Pers. 21ds Spc. A. IX Castor -7 4- Chari 8 - B Richest region of the zodiacal" Twins," a dazzling exploration field for the gem-hemter. -8 I J- 1- GEMINI: 50" -9 10' VIII I ~ •3-.

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